Wireless Dog Fences: A Guide

If you own a dog owner and would like to keep your dog from some places, within your yard it would be a good idea to purchase a wireless dog fence. A wireless dog fence will be good for the dog owners who are budget conscious and need an effective solution to dog problems. it is safe, affordable and easy to install. It gives the dog plenty of freedom to run and play while keeping him well behaved, safe and secure. It does not obstruct your view as a traditional fence would do and it does not alter the aesthetics of your home. Check out the best pet camera at this link.

Wireless dog fences can be used both indoors and outdoors giving the ability to control your dog anywhere you go with him. Unlike other traditional fences, this fence is portable. You can carry it to camping trips or hunting trips. It is also a good solution for dogs that are con artists that can cross traditional fences by digging under. This is because the wireless dog fence can be set up within the existing fence. With training, the dog will learn to respect the fence as a boundary. When purchasing a wireless dog fence it is a good idea to buy it from a reputable manufacturer and get a good warranty. Click here to know more about pets.

It is also important to make sure that the system that you buy is the correct one for the weight of your dog. If the area that the fence is to be set on is large, purchase an additional transmitter to enlarge the coverage. Choose a model that has correction levels that can be adjusted to enable you to personalize the training program for your dog. If your compound is sloped a wireless fence may not work well for you.

Training the dog to respect boundaries set by the wireless dog fence will take some weeks and the period will vary depending on dogs. The training should be consistent and persistent to be fruitful. During the initial days of training place flags to mark the boundaries and show the dog where he is and where he is not allowed to be. Set the correction level on his collar to the minimum. This will give the dog a mild shock when he gets to the boundaries. The shock from the collar is humane and is not intended to hurt the dog. Uses treats and praise to reinforce the training. When the dog has learned to respect boundaries you can remove the leash and observe him.
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